Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making it fun!

Adam Taylor is a Tennessee high school science teacher. His interests include science and technology. He wants to incorporate technology into classrooms all over. Adam has connected his students to 150 scientists around the world and brought the outside world into the classroom to make science more fun and interesting for his students.

Presentation tools- Life beyond Powerpoint
In Chapter 3 of "Untangling the Web" we talk about presentations and how they can simply and quickly become boring with each bullet point. Web-based presentation tools are cost effective, convenient, as well as flexible. Now there are need tools that are helpful when trying to make a presentation. Slideshare is an online social place where you can upload and share your presentations with educators all around the world. It has a library of shared presentations and PDFs, and word documents and much more. Slideshare has integrated with Facebook and LinkedIn. If you find a presentation that you like you can follow the person who created it and you will be notified when they upload something new. Poll Everywhere is a mobile-based student response system. You can ask multiple choice or open-ended questions. As an answer arrives the responses will show up immediately. Voicethread was created from an uploaded slideshow and people's face that surrounding the slide to represent audio, text, and video comments on the context. Prezi is a similar tool to powerpoint but it has more movement. It starts off far from the slide and then zooms in on each slide when it comes time to talk about it.
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Ken Robinson talks about how children have a great capacity for innovation. Creativity is just as important in education as literacy. We should treat creativity just as equally as every other subject. If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with something original. In education we make students feel like mistakes are the worst thing you can do. All students are born artists and we should make the goal to keep them artists. Students should be free to express what they are learning in their own way.

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