Tuesday, February 23, 2016


App smackdown!
There are so many great apps out there, there is no way you can become familiar with all of them on your own! Everyone is interested in all different majors in our class here at Stockton, so we were able to see a large variety of apps. I picked the app Quiz Up which allows you to play trivia games on all types of topics. I related this app to teaching and how it could be a fun break for students to play games yet for it to still be educational.

Evernote is a site and an app where you can take notes on the go. You can add pictures and voice recordings to your note if you are rushing or to busy to write your thoughts out. As a teacher, with Evernote you can remind your students of upcoming assignments or tests. You can put the reminders in early and set when you would like that reminder to be sent out to your students. As a teacher Evernote is a great tool to help your students. You can pot pictures of the notes you put on the board. You can post the schedule for the week and any assignments that might be due. You can post lists and homeworks on Evernote. You can have students journal on Evernote. You can use the audio to post your lectures or your students can use it to get ready for an upcoming speech to present.
Onenote and Evernote are very similar but which one is right for you? Evernote using a three column design to make it easier to switch between tabs. There is a lot of the color white that can be overwhelming. Overall Evernote is easy and flexible to use. Onenote is a little tricky to get used to. The good thing about Onenote is that you can color coat your tabs to make it more organized. They are very different, yet very similar. The little things are what will decide which one is better for you.

 Chapter 2- The Connected Educator
 The typical teacher network is made up of curriculum documents, colleagues, popular media, print and digital resources, as well as family and local family. All these things are separate. A connected teacher network is made up of your personal learning network which has everything all out there to share with other people in the same field as you. Connected learning communities are made up of professional learning communities, personal learning networks, and communities of practice. Professional learning communities are all about continuous improvement, shared leadership, and school reform. It is about shared decision-making as an important component. Communities of practice are focused on building a shared identity and a collective intelligence created overtime. This is to bring many things and many ideas into one to create a collective idea to help all interested in one topic.

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