Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Techy Storytelling

Image result for astronaut abbyAstronaut Abby gave me some great advice last week, that I would like to share! She shared that social media is there to benefit you. Its important to stay connected and have a presence in the world you would like to enter. Your private social media is not always as private as you believe. She also shared good ideas for what to add to your LinkedIn. Any writing you have done, and videos, any experiences you have had, any classes you have taken, and any volunteering you have done. You want to add anything to your profile that makes you unique! She also said how the 24 hour rule is a great thing you should do. The 24 hour rule is when you contact someone within the 24 hours after you have met them.

Image result for digital storytellingThis week we talked about different websites that help with digital storytelling. Some websites we learned about are sway, emaze, haiku deck, and many more. On sway you can import tweets, videos and pictures to tell your story. Emaze is 3D, you can make a powerpoint and then import it into emaze or you can just create your story on emaze. Haiku deck is picture based and on each slide you can only put five bullet points.

Image result for animotoAnimoto is a popular video creating service. It has been in the making since 2005. The site is updated regularly and even has its own app. It is great for educators but if you are not a paying user there is a 30 second limit on your videos. As a student user you can make videos that are about two minutes long.  Animoto lets you add text, pictures, and videos into a pre-made template of your choice to tell your story. It is quick and easy and the videos come out in pretty great quality.
Heres an example of a commercial I made about my major here at Stockton University using animoto:

Being a techy teacher is a good way to help your students. There is this web tool called Voki. Voki lets you create an avatar. If you are a paying subscriber there are many different avatars to choose from. You can edit the avatar to make it fit your liking. Then you can record your message that you would like the avatar to say. There are four ways you can record your message: phone, microphone, upload a voice file, or enter a text and use a computer animated voice.
 Image result for voki

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