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Twitter is so useful for gathering information and sharing information with others. There is just so much information out there that can help you in a lot of different ways. Twitter can become cluttered due to the fact that not everything posted that you see and follow can be useful to you. Paper.li is like a daily newspaper that is made from links, photos, and videos that are shared on twitter that share a selected topic. It can help you keep up on news while you cannot be on twitter, learn more about a particular topic, get the best information form people even without following them, and you can follow a topic by the hashtag. You do not need to make an account with Paper.li you can simply sign on with your twitter credentials. Also you can have Paper.li automatically tweet a link to your paper everyday. You can add feeds from other sites manually and have them adding articles to your newspaper as well as the links on your social media networks. Also you can add any title you would like for your paper.
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IFTTT is a website that can help make your life a lot simpler. IFTTT stands for "if this then that." You basically set up a link for two things, so for one to control the other, which are called recipes. So for instance you can make a recipe so one you change your Facebook profile picture your twitter profile picture will change as well.
This recipe will look like:
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You can also track the weather and get updates through text messages or emails. You also have to add directions so IFTTT knows what exactly you want it to do.
This recipe would look like:
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Another one that would be good for those of us shoppers would be tracking your shipping. Online shopping is great but its always a hassle to track your package well now you can get a text or an email every time your shipping status changes.
This recipe would look like:
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There are so many apps you can use to make your recipes. A few would be blogger, etsy, google drive, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, instagram, craigslist, and much more.

Chapter 4 in "Untangling the Web" talks about social networking and how it can be used in the classroom setting. One website you can use is TodaysMeet.com, it allows teachers to create a private back channel to communicate by discussing and documenting classroom interactions. It can help change the dynamic of the classroom. For example if you are watching a movie in class instead of pausing the movie to ask questions and converse you can simply use TodaysMeet to post a discussion the students can answer during the movie and you as the teacher can moderate the conversation in the back channel. The chapter also talks about how you can use skype.com in the classroom and connect with other classrooms around the world, so its like students teaching students in a way. Other websites that can be used outside the classroom would be kidblog.org, edmodo.com, and twitter.com.
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